Press Brake

Our TruBend press brake machines combine innovative technology with precision. Their flexibility and reliability is unmatched.The entire bending process from programming and tool selection to bending itself is very productive.

Our Machines

TrumaBend V130

The TrumaBend V130 is above all known for its flexibility, speed and finished part quality. Its outstanding productivity and high precision capabilities enable us to fabricate parts
from the simplest to the most complex precisely and cost-effectively.

- 120" bending lenght
- 143 tons downpressure
- High-Speed 6 axis backguage
- +/- .002 accuracy

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TruBend 7036

The TruBend 7036 is the best bending solution for small high volume parts.
Thanks to its multi-axis dynamics the Trubend 7036 enables us to maximize part 
part through-put effectiently and precisely saving our customers time and money.

- 40" bending lenght
- 40 tons down pressure 
- 6 axis backguage
- +/- .0008 accuracy

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